Praying the Cross

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We talk about this in group all the time… “Take it to the Cross!” we say, but what does that mean?  What’s up with all this “Cross” stuff?? Is there still power in the Cross of Jesus Christ?  Is it still possible to be set free from years of reaping consequences of things we’ve sown in judgment and bitterness?

Yes, absolutely.

But, why do I need to do this?? Didn’t Jesus die for my sins already?  Why do I need to “pray things to death” on the Cross?

Jesus did freely give his life for us on the Cross, and paid the price for the sin in our lives so we could live.  That is truth, and it is the most amazing gift anyone could ever receive!  He covers our sin, but there are other things that affect us here on earth…

This subject is so vast, it could take weeks to cover everything, so here’s a quick list of the main areas we’re going to focus on:

  • Law of Sowing & Reaping / Law of Increase – What have I sown in the past, that I am now reaping more of? (Galatians 6:7-10)
  • Law of Honor – Where have I dishonored my parents or authorities in my life? (Ephesians 6:1-3)
  • Law of Judging – Have I judged someone for something, and now do the same thing myself? (Matthew 7:1, Romans 2:1-4)
  • Law of Bitter Roots – Am I expecting something negative from others, and therefore defiling them? (Hebrews 12:14-15)

Negative patterns in our lives are usually a result of one or more of these things.  The sin we commit is covered by Christ’s blood, but we can still experience the consequences of the sin for years and years if we never deal with the root of it.

This is where the Cross comes in… We can ask Jesus to put these negative patterns to death in us, and when we repent of them, and forgive the people we’ve judged, he can heal our hearts, so we can stop reaping the bad fruit we’re displaying in our lives.

At the end of this article, I’ve included a link to a more in-depth teaching on bitter roots, judgments, and expectancies.  For now, we’re going to talk about a pattern of prayer for breaking the power of these things in your life… This is not a formula, or “magic words”, but it’s a simple pattern, like Jesus explained when he said, “When you pray, do it like this… Our Father, who art in heaven, etc.”  He was teaching his disciples the components of prayer… that’s what this is…

Dear Lord Jesus,

I have a negative pattern in my life, that is not Godly and I cannot get rid of it by myself.  I know that my bad fruit has a bad root somewhere in me.  Father, I don’t want this pattern of _________________________________ any longer. I don’t want to reap this in my own life or in the people around me. Please show me the spiritual root of it and how to deal with my part of this problem.

  1. RECOGNIZE that the reason this problem of ____________________ is now a pattern in my own life, is because of my sinful reaction of (dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself, inner vows or bitter root expectation.) The fruit is that I am reaping similar problems in others and myself according to the LAW of sowing and reaping. I am reaping this crop because of my sinful reactions to their sin. I am reaping from the sinful seed that I have sown – not from what they have sown.
  2. I REPENT and ask forgiveness 5 ways. Please forgive me:
    • For not forgiving others
    • For judging others or dishonoring authority
    • For sowing my own sin / sinful reactions
    • For blaming or doubting you, God
    • And for not forgiving myself
  3. I RENOUNCE my sin of dishonor, judgment, sowing the sin myself, bitter root expectations or fleshly inner vows. I choose to forgive them, releasing them to you, the Judge of all the earth.
  4. Please RELEASE me from reaping this crop that is now mine to reap because of my sinful reactions to others.
  5. I RECKON dead on the cross all flesh that identifies with this reaction and all automatic reactions that I have developed with it. I ask you Jesus, to bring it to death, because I cannot. Create in me a pure heart that agrees with your truth.
  6. RESURRECT your likeness into every area that you have brought to death.
  7. RESTORE all the years that the locusts have eaten while I was disobedient.
  8. I RECLAIM all the spiritual blessings that my family and I have missed as a result of my choices.
  9. I ask Lord Jesus, that you REWARD us for generations to come, as we sow true discernment, grace and mercy.

Thank you Lord for the forgiveness you have provided for me on the cross and all the blessings that I am free to walk in now. I believe you for them!  Amen

If you’d like to understand more about reaping and sowing, bitter root judgments and expectancies, and how the power of the Cross can set you free from them, watch this video teaching from John and Paula Sandford, founders of Elijah House Ministries:

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    Awesome! Great prayer!

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