Diamonds In The Rough

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diamonds in the rough

This past Tuesday night at group, we talked about mining the treasure of your wife’s heart. Here are some of the nuggets we talked about…

A Diamond in its beginning stages doesn’t look at all cut, beautiful, polished or glorious. It begins in fact as a lump of coal that goes through intense, intense fire and heat. The beauty of a diamond is not that it magically appeared as a glorious, luminous jewel, but behind every facet of the polished cut gem, is the process that it went through to become such a treasure. Your wife is as this diamond. She might, in your mind, still be the coal, or perhaps she might already be the glorious gem in your eyes. It all depends on your perspective. But the most important thing is that you as her husband have the rare, God-given, God-ordained, God chosen rare opportunity to know and mine these deep treasures that dwell uniquely within your wife.

There is no end to exploring the beauty and radiance of a Diamond. You might be very aware of one facet of her life but be very unaware of others. You have not yet arrived in knowing the depth and breadth of her. While at times you might think you have figured your wife out because, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, no need to explain”, don’t get familiar, cause she just might bring out a face of herself that you have not yet seen…and who knows, sometimes it might be the very face you need to see. Each facet of her, in actuality, would take a lifetime to fully understand. The quest to know her will intrigue and draw you in more, the more you meditate on each of these facets.

Her radiance is a unique gift to you. Yes, there are plenty of other “Diamonds” and jewels to pursue and fixate on, however, so long as your focus is “out there” instead of on the gift and treasure the Lord has entrusted you with, you will never be content. The most beautiful rare jewel might be sitting right before you, and you will totally miss out on the Lord’s gift to you so long as your eyes are looking for another “perfectly cut” and polished Diamond!

The more you study and pursue each of these facets, the more she will want to allow these very faces to be a gift, support, and strength to you. You might be looking for a solution and answer to a problem or situation, it might be hidden in your wife! Stop, look, and listen intently. As you examine these facets more, you will discover that this woman, your Ezer “Eve/Helpmeet” has so many treasures in her you will not know where to start in mining them! The more you pursue them, the more jewels and treasures you will find. But if you never search, you will never be able to be blessed by the gifts that are hidden in each of her ‘facets’.

Choose to see her beauty, even in the fractured, weak, and unpolished places. As her husband you have the unique ability to see a vision beyond what she perceives as her weaknesses. Many diamonds, in their unfinished state, often see themselves as “imperfect” unpolished, and continually compare themselves to the perceived “more polished” diamonds. Ask the Master Jeweler (the Lord) to show you a vision of her. See, love, and accept her as she is, but also dream with her, for her potential…and in your love and believing the best in her, you will draw out more beauty than you can contain. It is your love, and Christ’s love in and through you, that will serve as the gentle chipping stone to refine and cause her to reflect the most radiant beauty and light.

A woman desires to give herself as a gift to a man, when he has paid the price to know the many “facets” of her. The more that a man pursues the many facets of a woman’s inner world and inner being, the greater her desire will be for physical intimacy. A woman who’s inner world is explored and meditated upon and sought out will desire to give her body as a gift and outward expression of her desire for her husband and the ways that she desires to give her whole self as a gift and blessing to him. She will want to give you all of herself as she feels her husband’s celebration and acceptance over all the other aspects of her.

The more you pursue these facets of her, the more you will know her, yourself and the Lord. The more you love and celebrate these facets of her, the more you will see the face of God and will have deeper intimacy with Him. The Lord has hidden aspects of Himself within her, that will change you for the better, if you will take the time to pursue and draw them out of her.

You need her. Her beauty is what you discover as all the facets and faces of her are discovered. Not only is she beautiful for you to adore, but she also has answers, solutions, wisdom, knowledge, skills, and insights that you can benefit from. You will discover that she has complementary strengths to your weaknesses, and sometimes strengths that challenge you, but if you allow them to, they will also polish and grow you!

It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2 Explore, dig deep, ask questions, pursue, draw out and listen. Don’t assume you know why and how already. A diamond doesn’t want to have to tell you that she’s there. She wants you to come and pursue her. A Diamond doesn’t want to have to announce her presence…she wants to be noticed, and intentionally sought after and pursued.

Take a moment to “stop and smell the roses”. Stop what you’re doing. Slow down. Take time each day to study, examine, drink in and enjoy these many facets of your wife’s heart. Her beauty and the depth and breadth of thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. that dwell within her and her inner and outer world are profound. The more you hone in and focus on that special place, the inner world of her heart, the more you will be blown away by the goodness and graciousness of our God.

She is not like you! And yet she is very much like you. And that is so very good. Remember that first thing that drew you to your wife? What was it that so intrigued you? Her smile? Her laugh? The way she cared for children? The way she listened so intently as you shared your stories, and laughed at all your jokes? What is it about a woman that seems to simply compel a man’s heart to be drawn to her? Well, it is that “other than” factor about her. It is the things that he doesn’t have, and yet he desperately desires and needs, and can only be found in that place of intimacy and communion first with the Lord, and also with his wife. While your wife is one with you, she is not you, and yet she is a part of you. Eve came from Adam. He was enamored by her. And she desired to give herself, she was wired, to give herself completely and wholly as a gift to a man. Man was not made to be alone. There is a depth and beauty in a woman that is wired to meet and fulfill a man’s deep need for companionship, relationship, and an “equal” who is not like him. Let her be this for you, and you will discover the strengths that lie within her, and a beauty that is not like you, and yet somehow compels the masculine heart and strength to arise and shine, to love and fight for justice, righteousness, truth and integrity.

God is the Master Jeweler. He alone is able to see the value of a Diamond, even in its yet uncut form. He is the One that has the vision for the end product, and He alone knows the journey and process that will bring that Diamond to its fullest glory, luminance, and cut. If you wonder how to get a vision of the Diamond and Jewel that your wife is, ask the Master Jeweler to show you His vision for the rock, to give you a Hope for the uncut and unpolished rock. Don’t despair or lose hope when it doesn’t look how you think or want it to look, or if it doesn’t happen in your time. For in that process of time, as “she” might not be changing in your time, perhaps the Lord is polishing up some faces within you and shaping you into the Radiant vision He has for you and your future.

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