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New Location!

We’re meeting in a new location once again! The address is Mimi’s Cafe, Buford – 1880 Mall Of Georgia Blvd, Buford, GA 30519. We will have a private room for group. The meeting time hasn’t changed, […]

We Have Moved

Anatomy of an Apology

One of the first things we do when a man gets involved with this ministry is have him write an Apology Letter to his wife. This will bring healing to her heart if it comes from your heart, and is genuine! Here’s some examples…

Praying the Cross

We talk about this in group all the time… “Take it to the Cross!” we say, but what does that mean?  What’s up with all this “Cross” stuff?? Is there still power in the Cross of Jesus Christ?  Is it still possible to be set free from years of reaping consequences of things we’ve sown in judgment and bitterness?

Yes, absolutely.

Diamonds In The Rough

This past Tuesday night at group, we talked about mining the treasure of your wife’s heart. Here are some of the nuggets we talked about…

diamonds in the rough

Is There Hope?

If you’re struggling in your relationship with your spouse, if there’s been continual abuse, neglect, addictions, or infidelity, it’s no joke… the pain is real… and if you’re one of the vast majority who are dealing with some sort of crisis in your marriage, we want to give you HOPE! Real hope…

Is there Hope?

You are Royalty!

What if every true Christian is actually a king and queen in the Kingdom of God? Would it change in your life if you knew you had royal blood in your veins, and had already received an abundant inheritance from the King of Kings?

Our True Identity

Getting to Know You…

Guess what? There is more you don’t know about the person you’re “one flesh” with! They are constantly evolving, thinking, feeling and changing… you can never reach “the end” of a person!

Testimony: Jeff & Crystal

Jeff and Crystal sharing their miraculous story of hope and restoration in their marriage…

Jeff & Crystal

Got Questions?

Check out our new discussion forums! You can post and answer questions, share your story, encourage others and be encouraged in your unique situation, and contribute to the Reviving Us Ministry

Got Questions?

Kind Words…

“We are so excited that lives are being changed through Reviving Us Ministries!”